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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cieling Digital X-ray Machine GC85A
Samsung electronics has released the digital X-ray machine, the GC85A, with improved image quality, in each Korea and Western Europe.

The GC85A permits users to regulate the shooting angle with one click of the function button and set camera positions of quite five hundred radiographic images saved with one click. consequently, the merchandise delivers quick and simple solutions for techs x-ray.

Mounted with the S-Align, that sets the direction of being X-rayed vertically in automatic mode betting on the position of the S-Detector, it will secure correct and clear radiographic images in a single exposure, preventing repetitive exposure to patient shoots. Also, it permits x-ray technicians suppliers to x-ray patients with the simple setting of assorted shooting angles safely and quickly even once the patients have bother moving their bodies.

Samsung’s new imaging technology, S-Vue, offers refined digital image process and very good resolution. So, even once variety of patients are being x-rayed, it offers high-quality radiographic images systematically and additionally provides improved sharpness and clarity of pulmonary vessels and also the overlapping areas of joints.

Cho Soo-in, president of the medical device unit at Samsung electronics, said, “With superior digital image quality, this x-ray machine not only raises the dependability of diagnosis however also provides medical environments that permit technicians suppliers to create accurate diagnoses more quickly and safely.”

Cieling X-ray Machine manufactured by Samsung (GC85A) has an advanced features:

Smart Auto Control
digital x-ray wireless
Smart Auto Control

An operator can precisely position the entire system with one touch of the control panel’s buttons, which are easily reached from each side. The user can move a motorized, tilting receptor with a remote control from -20 to 90 degrees to various areas such as skulls or hands with no need for a table.

Soft Handling
digital x-ray touch screen
Soft Handing

The Tube Head Unit (THU) can be positioned gently with light physical pressure from two fingers, so the operator avoids fatigue from pulling the unit. Intuitive icons and functions also simplify the THU’s operation.

Shared Bucky

Digital x-ray bucky
It has Shared Bucky
Shared Bucky can be used on a table with S4335-W and S4343-W, and the S4343-W wall stand or S-Detector of a compatible Samsung DR can be shared. Shared Bucky with S4335-W can be placed in landscape and vertical directions to capture images such as tall patients’ spines and wide patients’ abdomens.


S-Vue provides dependable and accurate diagnoses in various conditions with reliably clear images, enhanced sharpness and clarity, and adjustable contrast presets. A precise auto shutter improves consistency.
* Results may vary depending on individual use.

Digital X-ray machine detectors
S- Detectors

S-Detector Wireless

Wireless, lightweight S-Detector with high DQE and a portable grid displays the patient’s body structure clearly and easily without increasing dose. Three available S-Detector sizes support imaging of various areas.


modern digital x-ray machine
S-Align provides precise alignment for superior imaging. S-Align displays the detector’s angle to the THU to enhance image quality during free exams. The THU can be automatically positioned within a certain radius.

and for more features infos visit the samsung ceiling digital x-ray machine ( GC85A ) page.

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