Radiographic Examination of Biliary Ducts / Tract and Gallbladder

Monday, June 1, 2015

What is Cholegraphy?

Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram
Several techniques can be used to examine the gallbladder and the biliary ductal system. In many hospital and other institutions, ultrasound or sonography is the modality of choice.
Cholegraphy is the general term for a radiographic study of the biliary system. More specific terms

Cholecystography was developed by Graham, Cole, and Copher in the year 1924 and 1925. There are various oral cholegraphic contrast media developed listed in sequence in year developed and used Oral Cholegraphic Contrast Media.
can be used to describe the portion of the biliary system under invertigation. Like cholecystography is the radiographic study of the gallbladder, and cholangiography is the radiographic study of the biliary ducts. Radiographic examination of both gallbladder and the biliary ducts is termed as cholecystangiography or cholecystocholangiography.

Before Telepaque was develop in 1949, the first of the three-iodinated compounds, preoperative visualization of the biliary tract was limited to the gallbladder. In addition to permitting visualization of the bile ducts, the three-iodinated compounds resulted in a decrease in side effects.
Oral Cholecystogram
Contrast media that are selected for use in the direct injection techniques are discussed in Percutaneous Transhepatic OperativeT-tube, may be any one of the water-soluble iodinated compounds employed for intravenous urography.

Route of Administration of Contrast Agents

By mouth – it is taken orally. Contrast medium enters the mouth.
By Injection – it is injected through vein in a single bolus of by drip infusion.
By Direct Injection in the ducts – Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC), During biliary tract surgery (operative or immediate) or through an indwelling drainage tube, termed a T-tube (postoperative or delayed).

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