Teleradiology Radiologic Technician Review

Friday, June 5, 2015

What is Teleradiology?

teleradiologyTeleradiology is an electronic transfer of digital images from one area to another. Digital X-ray Machine, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging images can transfer easily and quickly as long as internet, telephone and LAN networks are available. As we all know radiologist and physicians are busy and can't stay on one place, with the help of this teleradiology, soft copy of radiographic images can now easily transfer from one hospitals or palce to another. Physician and radiologist can now study the patient case without having to be in location of patients and allow them to be available 24hrs a day. Teleradiology uses a specialized software and mobile DICOM viewer to send and view the image in a monitor. DICOM viewers are installed in different part of hospital, clinics and around the globe, to unable radiologist and trained doctors to study it images. Teleradiology oftenly used an advance technologies for graphics processing, image compression and even voice recognition.

Teleradiologist Trainings

Many hard to find Medical Experts are mutually trained in many subspecialty in radiology as their espertise, like Neuroradiology in Pediatric, Thoracic Radiology, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Digital Mammography, Neuroradiology, and Nuclear Cardio. Furthermore, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology in dentistry is sometimes being studied by non-radiology specialist as their sub-specialty, after this training, performing a radiographic image readings and making diagnosis of treatment studies specifically, for patients who's condition is affecting the maxillofacial area.

Teleradiologist provides official reading and partial readings. Partial or Preliminary reading are often used in a emergency case, such as in the emergency room for patient in trauma and stroke emergencies. A quick 30 minute turnaround time of partial reading and official reading is the standard protocol for the teleradiologist. Critical findings are immediately report via phone call for quality services that must be given to patients. Final or official readings is provided in emergency cases and non-emergent case. The official reading consist of all possible diagnosis and patient information for their future treatments to his attending doctors. Teleradiography must be available for an intermittent reportings and reading with highest quality of service.

Teleradiology Specialist

When a technician is performing a radiographic examination room the  images taken are transmitted in the server site, personnel must be trained and qualified to do the examination performed. This means it must be a registered and licensed radiologic technology, neclear medicine tech, radiation therapist, or sonographer and must be guided and supervised by a registered radiologist.

Radiologist / Physicians Qualifications

Official reading of images are only performed by a physician or radiologist that has:
  1. He/She must have a basic knowledge about the technology on teleradiology, (awareness of their weakness and strength and also their limitations, and who has knowledge to use the equipments.
  2. Qualifications as describe in the standard of American Colloge of Radiology (ARC) for the particular diagnostic modality that are transmitted with teleradiology.

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