Bezoar – Xray, Barium Studies, and CT Scan Examination

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What is Bezoar?

  • Bezoar is an intestinal mass caused by the accumulation of ingested material.
  • A phytobezoar is formed from poorly digested plant fibre.
  • A trichobezoar is formed from ingested hair, almost always in females.
  • Bezoar can lead to obstruction or ulceration.

Radiological Procedures Usually Perform

Xray of the Abdomen with Bezoar

If bezoar is present a mass may be seen within the stomach, and may demonstrate bowel obstruction.

Trichobezoar. Large hair ball mass completely filling the stomach (arrow)

Barium Studies of Bezoar

This examination may demonstrate an intraluminal filing defect that does not have a fixed site of attachment to the bowe wall.
Barium may flow into crevices within the bezoar.

CT studies on Bezoar

In this examination it may demonstrate a low density mass containing pockets of air.
As on barium studies, oral contrast may intersperse with the mass though gaps between the ingested materials.

Trichobezoar on same patient in coronal CT scan reformat.
Oral contrast is seen outlining the huge trichobezoar.

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