Elbow Xray Positioning - AP Oblique Medial Rotation

Friday, April 27, 2018

AP Oblique Projection - Medial Rotation

Image receptor: 8 X10 inch for single projection or 24 X 30 cm divided

Patient Position:

Let patient seat at the end of the radiographic table with the arm extended and in contact with the table.

Part Position:

  • Extend the limb in position for an AP projection, and center the midpoint of the IR to the elbow joint.
  • Medially or internally rotate or pronate the hand, and adjust the elbow to place its anterior surface at an angle of 45 degrees. This degree of obliquity usually clears the coronoid process of the radial head.
  • Sheild gonads.

Central ray:

Perpendicular to the elbow joint.

Structure shown:

The image shows an oblique projection of the elbow with the coronoid process projected free of superimposition.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The following should be clearly demonstrated:
  • Coronoid process is profile
  • Elongated medial humeral epicondyle
  • Ulna superimposed by the radial head and neck
  • Olecranon process within the olecranon fossa
  • Soft tissue and bony trabeculation

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