X-ray Equipment in Interventional Radiography

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

interventional radiology Common X-ray Equipment use in Interventional Radiology

The xray apparatus for an interventional radiologic room is generally more massive, flexible, and expensive than that required for conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging. Advanced radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment is required. Generally, two ceiling track mounted radiographic x-ray tubes are required, with an image intensified fluoroscope mounted on a C or an L arm.

What is the X-ray Tube used for Interventional Radiography?

The x-ray tube used for interventional procedures has small target angle, a large diameter massive anode disk, and cathodes intended for magnification and serial radiography. A small focal spot of not greater than .3 mm is necessary for the spatial resolution necessities of small vessel magnification radiography. Neuroangiography can be done in contrast filled vessels as small as 1 mm with distinctive selection of geometric factors and careful patient positioning.

A source-to-image receptor distance (SID) of 100cm and an object-to-image receptor distance (OID) of 40 cm, it improves image contrast. Whereas 0.3 mm focal spot results in a focal spot blur of 0.2 mm.

Spatial resolution for this procedure can be approximated by multiplying the focal spot blur by 2. A 0.5 mm vessel will be too blurred to be seen. Any vessel larger than 1.0 mm will be imaged. All other important characteristics of an interventional x-ray tube are based on required tube loading. The size and assembly of the anode disk limits the anode heat capacity, which in turn influences the power rating, a 80 kW rating and 1 MHU heat capacity is required.

High Voltage Generator used in Interventional Radiography

High Frequency generators are increasingly popular in all xray examinations including interventional radiologic procedures. However, some interventional radiologic procedures require higher power than may be available with high-frequency generators. High voltage generators with three-phase 12 pulse power capable of at least 100 kW with low ripple are needed for such high.

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