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Monday, January 19, 2015

Who are Radiologic Technologist?

The Radiologic Technologist are the one who manipulate radiation that exit in x ray tube by adjusting, the technique factor for a specified projection, depending on anatomy to be examine. Radiologic Technicians and X ray tech have slightly differences but these two work in diagnostic imaging with the help of penetrating x-ray coming from x-ray machines tubes. Radiologic technician are 4 year degree graduate and passed the licensure exam taken on their country, while x-ray technician two to three year graduate and associated in radiologic tech, but they have also a licensure examination as a requirements after school. Furthermore, programs like ct scan, mammography for female, ultrasound, MRI and others in nuclear medicine, can be specialized so that they can work on these special area in radiology. There many schools and universities that offer this specialization and some are online programs.

These are some Radiology Degree and Accreditations

radiologic techonologistCertificate in Radiography

It can complied within two years of learning, which may includes basic diagnostic on x ray films or interpreting it, radiation patient safety is also taught and a certificate is given to you after completion the required learning as proof of qualification.

Associate Degree in Radiology

These includes patient safety, digital imaging, and actual trainings to qualify Associate in radiology. 3 years in schools for theory and a 1 year internship in hospital x-ray departments and radilogy clinics. Licensure examination are also given.

Bachelor's Degree in Radiology

A 3 years studying in school and 1 year of intership on hospital are required to finish a bachelors degree. BS in Radiologic Technology can manipulate other imaging machine such as MRI, Computed Tomography (CT) scan and Ultrasound. But need to enroll to a training programs.

Masters Degree in Radiology

After finishing Bachelors degree, other technicians prefer to enroll an masteral degree in radiology for continues learning and others are required in teaching. It needs 3 years to finish, case study must be complied to qualify.

Doctorate Degree in Radiology

it is the highest level of education, finishing doctorate can teach on his/her specified field (Radiology) and became the chairperson on its related field. It is also highest to Masters degree and has a tittle of PhD.

Basic Salary of Radiologic Technologist

The average salary is depending on country where will you preferring to work. in 2013 according to google, it reaches $56,760 for a median salary. Technician earn more than the clinical laboratory technician (medical technicians) earns only $40,240. The highest pay where in the metropolitan countries like Vallejo, California has a basic salary of $91,400, Oakland, California is $89,530 and San Jose, California is $85,550. These country has other licensure examination required to work in their areas.

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