Digital Mammography Advantages and Film-Screen Mammogram Machine

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Computed Radiography Mammography  (Digital Mammography, Mammogram)

Computed Radiography or digital radiology can be used for mammography mostly like same way as it is general radiography with its IP and image processor. The cassette used in Computed Radiology has image plates that also can be use in existing mammographic old systems.

Advantage of Computed Radiology Mammography

Operating Cost:

Computed Radiography plates can be exposed many times before they have to be replaced.  In other words it is more economical because the cost of film used in old mammogram machine and associated wet processing are now eliminated.

Teleradiology Options:

Digital Mammography
The images in Computed mammogram can be retrieved and transferred to remote locations for reading and consultation. Teleradiology is the term used or Telemammography is sometimes used because images can be transmitted electronically.

Archiving and PACS options:

The image can be stored electronically after interpreting at any desired location through PACS. The hard copy films of mammography that where it stores are now eliminated because images are incorporated in existing PACS. Outside referring physicians may have now access to these digital images from mammography, but depending on the extend of PACS. Duplication, Transport, Space in radiology storage, and permanent loss and damage are now not required. Images are readily available and it is more convenient for both Patients and Physicians.

Image Manipulation:

Image in Computed and Digital Mammography can be manipulated in post-processing. The number of repeats images are reduced, provided that the correct positioning and exposure factors were used. Fewer retakes lead to low radation to patient and less patient discomfort.


Film screen mammography is the standard in breast imaging. There are some and great benefit of  fim-screen mammography, exellent image quality with low radiation dose to patients, Women can undergo mammogram regularly. Good screen film mammography has the ability to to see fine detail, edge sharpness and soft tissue. However digital mammography is rapidly developing and as in all digital imaging has a certain unique advantages over the standard film screen mammography.

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