X-Ray Techs Getting a Dental Radiography Certification

Thursday, April 17, 2014

If you are a X RAY Tecnician would like to have a dental radiography certification it can be acquired depending on your place and where is your plan to work. Gather information in your area about trainings, courses available and also the detailed laws in dental radiography, in most cases you may need to become a x-ray tech before permitting to obtain a dental radiography certification. In other country a dental technician, dental assistant and dental hygenist is a required experience to have a dental radiography certification.

There are so many schools and universities offering a training for dental radiology technicians, however a certified x-ray technician are mostly required to enroll on this training. A solid practical background in radiology will be helpful and make things easily in achieving a dental radiology certification.

In New Jersey State the minimum requirement when taking to have a dental radiology certificate must have a at least  6 months of expierience as a dental assitant and passed the basic dental assistant entrance examination. The course on dental radiography it provides the student with the education requisites to recieve certification in radiation health and safety through the dental assistant national board examination and licensure examination in New Jersy state from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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