Parotid Gland X-Ray Tangential Projection

Sunday, April 13, 2014

It is an x-ray examination of parotid gland in tangential projection and in this projection structure will demonstrate are the regions of the parotid gland and duct, and clearly outlined when an opaque contrast medium is used.

Pathology Demonstrated:

Parotid gland tumors, calicification, and other abnormal findings on parotid gland.

Technical Factor:

Image Receptor 8 x 10 inches or 18 x 24 cm
Use of Grid stationary or moving

Why Tangential Projection?

Because the parotid gland is located midway between the anterior and posterior surfaces of skull, so taking this projection on the glandular region from either posterior or anterior direction.

When Patient in Supine

When patient is in supine position, the head is rotated slightly to the affected side so that the parotid are is perpendicular to the plane of the image receptor.
The image receptor is centered to the parotid area.
The occipital of the skull is resting on IR, and adjust the patient head so that the mandibular ramus is parallel to the long axis of the Image receptor.

When Patient in Prone

Performing patient is in prone, the head is rotated to the affected parotid area and perpendicular to Image receptor.
Anatomy of interest is centered to IR.
Chin is in the surface of x-ray table or IR, adjust the head on flexion so that the madibular ramus is parallel to the long axis of image receptor.
If the parotid or stensen's duct does not have to be demonstrated, forehead and nose is resting on the table or IR.


Use gonadal shielding to shield gonads.


Let the patient to fill its mouth with air and then puff the cheeks out as much as patient can, this could improve the radiographic quality obtained, specially in demonstrating of caculi.
If patient condition is unable to do, just ask the to suspend respiration for the exposure.

Radiographic Criteria:

Optimal density and contrast with no motion will demonstrate clear soft tissue density.
Mandibular ramus are free of superimpositon to the parotid gland.
Overlapping of mastoid only on the upper portion of the parotid gland.

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