Hand, Fingers, Wrist and Scaphoid Xray Views Positioning

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Xray Examination of the Fingers, Hand, Wrist and Scaphoid

The hand consist of 27 bones, which are subdivided into the following groups:
  • Phalanges: bones of the digits like fingers and thumbs.
  • Metacarpals – it is the bone of the palm
  • Carpals – bones of the wrist


   The digits are described by numbers and names. However, description by number is the more correct practice. Beginning at the lateral or thumb, the side of the hand the number and names are as follows:

  • First digit (thumb)
  • Second digit (index finger)
  • Third digit – middle finger
  • Fourth digit – ring finger
  • Fifth digit – small finger

    The digits contain a total of 14 phalanges, which are long bones that consist of a cylindric body and has an articular ends. The nine digits have two articular ends. The first digit has two phalanges, the proximal and distal, while the other digits have three phalanges, the proximal, middle and distal. The proximal phalanges are the closest to the palm, and the distal phalanges are the farthest from the palm. The distal phalanges are small and flattened, with a roughened rim around their distal anterior end. This gives them a spatula like appearance.

Xray Examination and Positioning of the Fingers or Digits

First metacarpophalangeal joint PA

Hand Xray Positioning

Wrist Xray Positioning

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