Asthma Inhaler and Treatment

Monday, April 9, 2018

What is Inhalers?

Inhalers are small devices that delivers medications like bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs to the lungs. Broncho dilators open up the airways allowing more air to flow the airways into the lungs and anti-inflammatory medications reduces the inflammation and swelling in the lungs.

asthma inhaler

Classification of Inhalers

The first major classification of inhaler is the meter dose inhalers. Meter dose inhaler have a metal canister with an actuator otherwise it is also known as plastic covering, as well as mouthpiece. There often use with a valve holding chamber or called spacer. When you use the meter dose inhaler for the first time, you should primate by taking out the cap and try to shake it within 5 to 10 seconds. Then aim the mouth piece at the floor and press the top of the canister to puff off the medication. You might have to re shake the inhaler and dispense the medication a few more times to make sure it’s working right, depending on the medication.

Now when you’re ready to use the inhaler start by starting it to shake 5 to 10 seconds, if you are using the spacer you can insert into the mouth of the inhaler into the spacer. Then exhale fully and place your mouth around the mouth piece of the inhaler or spacer. Be sure to part you teeth and tuck your tongue out of the way to clear the path for unobstructed air flow, and aim the inhaler through the back of your throat. Inhale and then press the top of the canister as you take a deep and slow breath through your mouth to about 3 to 5 seconds. Next hold your breath as long as comfortably you can up to 10 seconds, then remove the inhaler and exhale.

If you need a second puff of medication or having instructed to have a second puff of medication, you should wait about 30 seconds then repeat the process. After you’re done if the medication is a type of steroid, rinse your mouth with water swish to gargle and spit, don’t swallow the water. This prevent from any excess medication from staining into your mouth.

Dry Powder Inhaler

Another type of inhaler is the dry powder inhaler and there is several kinds of this types so they can look differently from each other. General, you start by uncapping and twisting or sliding open the inhaler, you might have to load the capsule that has the medication, then press the button to purse the capsule and release the medication inside the inhaler, or you might click the lever to prepare the dose. Just make sure you don’t shake the inhaler with the cap off.

Tacitly dispense the medication, hold the inhaler in front of your mouth, either upright or flat in level depending on the medication. Turn your head away from the inhaler and breathe out completely, then seal your lips around the mouth piece, aim the inhaler toward the back of your throat clearing the path for unobstructed air flow and take a breath as you dispense the medication.

It important that this breathe is quick but deep and forceful, to make sure that the medication will get into your lungs. Hold that breathe for as long as comfortably as you can, up to 10 seconds before removing the inhaler and exhaling slowly. Repeat this steps if you need another dose, and after you’ve done again if the type of inhaler in type of steroid you wanna rinse your mouth, gargle and spit the water out.

Inhaler storage

Also be sure to store the inhaler in a cool, dry and non-humid place to prevent dry powder medication from clumping.

Soft Mist Inhalers

A third type of inhaler is the soft mist inhaler, which has a cartridge inside the outer shell that is equip with the mouthpiece. The soft mist inhaler has to be assembled before you use it for the first time. Step by step starting in the clear base from the rest of the inhaler by pressing the button located between this two parts. Then insert the cartridge narrow side first into the inhaler then press down in the firm surface until you hear a click, which means the two pieces are connected. Now reconnect the clear base.

Priming the Inhaler

To do this hold the inhaler upright with the cap close and turn the base to the right until it clicks. Open the cap and point the mouthpiece towards the floor, then press the dose release button to release the medication. Close the cap and repeat this step until you see a fine mist. Once you see the mist repeat this step 3 more times.

Depending on the medication you might have to prime the inhaler whenever there are several days before uses. Once your ready to use the inhaler, close the cap turn the base again and open the cap. Breathe out completely then close your lips around the mouth piece making sure neither your fingers nor your lips cover the vents outside the mouthpiece. Aim the inhaler toward at the back of your throat and clear the path for unobstructed airflow.

Then start to take a slow, deep breath and press the dose release button while you’re inhaling for 3 – 4 seconds. Again hold that breath for 10 seconds, or as long as your comfortable before removing the inhaler and exhaling slowly. Repeat this step to take as many dose as instructed.

It is important to make sure that the inhaler you choose is appropriate for you. For example if you are an older adult you might prefer an inhaler that is easier to grip, and has a large marking that are easier to see, or if you’re not able to inhale quickly and forcefully you might avoid dry powder inhalers.

Asthma Inhalers

The 3 main types of asthma inhaler is the metered dose, dry powder and fine mist. Consistent proper inhaler technique is critical to making sure that the medication is delivered to your lungs. It important to select the type of inhaler that is appropriate for you, and follow the instruction carefully. Like a new habit proper technique also get reinforce as you do it over and over.

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