Airways CT Scan

Monday, December 5, 2016

CT Scan of the Airways

Technical parameters used for CT imaging of the airways include the use of thin sections is about 1.25 mm or less, a quick acquisition that allows the entire pulmonary to be scanned during a single breath-hold, optimal spatial resolution, and the use of postprocessing technique. Overlapping z axis image reconstruction of 50% is important. Use of IV nor oral contrast media are routinely required; Intravenous contrast may be used in cases of airways mass or tumors.

How to perform CT of Airways

Airway imaging is routinely performed at both inspiration and expiration. CT is generally accepted as the best imaging technique for assessment of disease of the central airways. And most commonly used to look for narrowing that may occur in patients who have been intubated in the past. Application of the post processing technique such as volume rendering, may be referred to as CT Bronchography. Virtual bronchoscopy is accomplished with similar postprocessing techniques, but is different in that is offers an internal rendering of the tracheobronchial walls and lumen.

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