Normal Head Scan - CT Scan

Monday, September 26, 2016

Head Scan
Normal Brain / Cranial Scan

Plain Cranial CT Scan

A normal head ct scan of a 27 year old female because she had a vehicular accident.

Clinical studies shows on her plain Cranial CT scan:

Plain cranial CT scan with bone window setting shows no abnormal high nor low density lesion noted intra and extraaxially.

The ventricles and cisterns are within normal size and configuration.

Brainstem and cerebellum show no abnormal findings.

The cranial vault and visualized basal skull structures are not remarkable.

The visualized sinuses, mastoid processes, orbits, intraconal and extraconal structures are not remarkable.

Cranial CT Scan - Head Sequence 1.5 (Transverse)


Multiple non-enhanced axial tomographic sections of the brain, and orbits, reveals the following findings:

The cortical sulci, lateral, and the cerebellar fissures are intact. 
Cranio-Optic CT Scan

The ventricles are not dilated. 
The sella is not widened. 
The parasellar region is intact. 
The posterior fossa structures are unremarkable.

The globes, and the intraoptic lens are intact, bilaterally. 
The extraocular muscles, and optic nerve are not thickened. 
There is dilation of the superior ophthalmic vein. 
The lacrimal glands are not enlarged. 
The visualized paranasal sinuses, and mastoids are unremarkable. 
Non-dehiscent, high-jugular bulb is noted on the right. 
The calvarium is intact. 
There is no other remarkable finding.

1. Unremarkable CT of the brain, and orbits 
2. There is no acute hemorrhage

Download the full CT scan Images

Crano-optic CT Scan - Head Sequence 1.5 (Transverse)

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