Brain Plain Scan MRI with DWI

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Plain Scan of the Brain with Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Brain MRi
T1 Brain Scan Plain

Brain plain MRI taken with DWI and
GRE reveals an acute lacunar infarction in right coronal radiate and centrum semiovale. A chronic lacunar infarction in right coronal radiate. The microvascular white matter ischemic changes. Mild ethmoid sinus disease or sinusitis or it sequela. Mucus retention cyst, in left maxillary sinus.

Clinical Studies Brain Plain MRI with DWI

A wedge shaped hyperintensity is seen in the right corona radiate, centrum semiovale of the DWI sequence with associated signal drop out in the ADC map.

Chronic lacunar infarction is also noted in the right corona radiata.
Microvascular white matter ischemic changes are seen in the periventricular regions, corona radiata and centrum semiovale bilaterally.
The cerebral sulci, lateral and cerebellar fissure are slightly prominent, however are still
unremarkable for the patient’s age.
T2 Coronal Brain Plain
Few prominent perivascular or the Virchow – Robin spaces are considered in the basal ganglia, bilaterally. The ventricle are not dilated.
The sella is not widened and the parasellar region is intact.
The visualized portions of the cochlea, semicircular canals, 7th and 8th cranial nerves within the unwidened internal acoustic canal appear unremarkable.
Mucus retention cyst is noted in the base of the left maxillary antrum, measuring approximately 2.9 x 1.9 cm.
Mild mucosal thickening is demonstrated in the ethmoid sinuses.
The rest of the paranasal sinuses and mastoids are intact.

Download Brain Plain with Diffusion Weighted Imaging Images MRI:

T1 Sagital
T2 Coronal

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