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Pathology Demonstrated:

  • Fractures of the zygomatic arch and neoplastic or inflammation processes are shown.

Technical Factors:

submentovertex - smv
SMV - Patient Erect
  • Image receptor size - 18 x 24 cm ( 8 x 10 inches), crosswise
  • 60 to 70 kV range (soft tissue technique)
  • Small focal spot
  • Automatic Electronic Control (AEC) not recommended
  • mAs 6

Patient Position:

  • Be sure to remove all metallic or plastic objects from patients head and neck.
  • This projection maybe taken with the patient erect or supine.
  • The erect position maybe easier for the patient.

Part Position:

SMV - Patient Supine
  • Raise chin, Hyperextend neck until Intra Orbital Meatal Line (IOML) is parallel to image receptor. (see note)
  • Rest head on vertex of skull
  • Align Mid-sagital Plane to midline of the grid or the table or upright Bucky surface, avoiding all tilt and / or rotation.

Central Ray:

  • Align central ray (CR) perpendicular to image receptor (IR) see notes.
  • Center Image Receptor (IR) to CR, with plane of image receptor parallel to IOML.
  • Minimum SID is 40 inches (100 cm)


  • Collimate to outer margins of zygoma.


  • Suspend respiration during exposure.

If patient is unable to extend neck adequately, angle CR perpendicular to IOML. If equipment allows, the image receptor (IR) should be angled to maintain the CR / IR perpendicular relationship.
This projection is very uncomfortable for the patients; complete the projection as quickly as possible.

Radiographic Criteria:

Structure Shown:

  • Zygomatic arches are demonstrated laterally from each mandibular ramus.


  • Correct IOML / CR relationship, as indicated by superimposition of mandibular symphisis on frontal bone. No patient rotation, as indicated by zygomatic arches visualized symmetrically.

Collimation and CR:

  • Zygomatic arches should be centered to collimated field, which is limited to zygomatic arches.

Exposure Criteria:

  • Sufficient contrast and density to visualize zygomatic arches.
  • Sharp bony margins indicate no motion.

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