Lateral Projection – Lateromedial (Suspected Fracture)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Recumbent or Lateral Recumbent

  • When a known or suspected fracture exist, position the patient in the recumbent or lateral recumbent position, place the image receptor close to the axilla, and center the humerus to the image receptor’s midline.
  • Unless contraindicated, flex the elbow, turn the thumb surface of the hand up, and rest the humerus on a suitable support.
  • Adjust the position of the body to place the lateral surface of the humerus perpendicular to the central ray.
  • Shield gonads
  • Respiration: suspended

Central Ray:

Recumbent Position

The central ray on recumbent positionis horizontal and perpendicular to the midportion of the humerus and the center of the image receptor.

Lateral Recumbent Position

The central ray on lateral recumbent position is directed to the center of the image receptor, which exposes only the distal humerus.

Stucture shown:

The lateral projection demonstrates the distal humerus.

Evaluation Criteria:
The following should be clearly demonstrated:

  • Distal Humerus
  • Superimposed epicondyles

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