Tendonitis - Healing, Symptoms and Treatment

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Painful Tendonitis

To do when you need to heal the tendonitis you need to understand the basic of this tendons. The tendon are connective tissue made up mostly of collagen and that somewhat like ligaments and fascia. Ligaments connect bone to bone, facia connect muscle to muscle and tendons connect muscle to bone. You see when you move your bone you contract your muscles, but its not the muscle pulling that bone but it your tendons, all the force goes through the tendons and that means they have to be extremely strong, but tendons aren’t just strong this static tissues they also have elastic properties. So if you’re jumping and running they work a bit like a spring storing of the some energy and releasing it on the upward bound.

Structure of the Tendons

Each tendons is made up of different bundles, and at the end of the bundle is the collagen fibril. If you have a healthy tendons it’s a little bit look like this. With this denser rails with collagen fibers all parallel to each other this structure keeps them strong. And opposite of healthy tendons are injured tendons, and tendons injuries are also known as tendonopathies.

How tendon Problems starts?

Tendons are mean to withstand a lot of repetitive loadings, but is the load is too great the tendons becomes stress they get mirco tears. Most of the time that your body can repair this pretty easily, but if the tendons repeatedly strains so that the rate of degradation exceed that of regeneration that where the problem starts. Now most of that tendons problem happens near the joints such as the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle. Basically, the area where we put the stain on.

Treatment of Tendonitis

If you go to a doctor or health professional you might hear a different term that describe tendon injuries. The most common term is tendonitis which describe an acute tendon injuries that lead to inflammation. Also one of the most common things that aging athlete gets, that inflamed tendon hurts of course we understand that inflammation is also the body natural healing responds. Your bodies working that to heal that tendons and it’s totally normal.


The first step is to make sure that you don’t injure it more, that for some degree of rest comes in. Essentially change up the activity you’re doing to put a little bit of stress to that tendons, you don’t have to totally stop exercising and just know the initial repair of that tendons will happen in few days but to permanently heal it, may take like 3 to 6 months. You just want to make sure that you’re not over straining it again at this stage or permanently damaging the tendons. You have a little bit careful and well a good diagnosis from a doctor is going to help you know what’s up. 

Rehabing the Tendons

The next step is to rehabing it, so some of the best exercises at this stage are going to be an eccentric style exercises, that means exercises where your letting your muscle lengthen, like lowering your bicep curl, that’s an eccentric motion. Lots of doctors now recommend moving, stretching and gently massaging your tendon while it’s healing the goal of this is to make sure that the healing collagen fibers that make up your tendons end up laying down on the right direction all parallel to each other resulting in a strong healthy tendons.

And in the end just remember that getting a right rehab schedule is really important to healing, and to do that it’s important to get a right diagnosis. If you don’t think you’re a depth enough at diagnosing on your own injury then we highly recommend to go to an orthopaedic doctor.

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