Lateral Projection Humerus – Lateromedial (Upright)

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lateral Projection – Lateromedial (Upright)

Image receptor: 18 x 43 cm or 35 x 43 cm

Patient Position:

Place the patient in a seated upright or standing position facing the xray tube. The body position, whether oblique or facing toward or away from the image receptor, is not critical as long as a true projection of the lateral arm is obtained.

Part Position:

  • Place the top margin of the image receptor approximately 1.5 inches above the level of the head of the humerus.
  • Unless contraindicated by possible fracture, internally rotate the arm, flex the elbow approximately 90 degrees and place the patient’s anterior hand on the hip. This will place the humerus in lateral position. A coronal plane passing through the epicondyles should be perpendicular with the image receptor plane.
  • Shield gonads.
  • Respiration: suspended

Central ray:

Perpendicular to the midportion of the humerus and the center of the IR.

Structure shown:

The lateral projection demonstrate the entire length of the humerus. A lateral image is confirmed by superimposed epicondyles.

Evaluation Criteria:

The following should be clearly demonstrated:
  • Elbow and shoulder joints
  • Superimposed epicondyles
  • Lesser tubercle in profile
  • Greater tubercle superimposed over the humeral head
  • Beam divergence possibly partially closing the elbow joint.
  • No great variation in radiographic densities of the proximal and distal humerus.

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