Forearm Xray Positioning

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Forearm Radiology Positioning

   The forearm contains two bones that lie parallel to each other. The radius and ulna. Like other long bones, they have of a body and two articular extremities. The radius is located on the lateral side of the forearm, and the ulna is on the medial side.

Ulna Anatomy

   The body of the ulna is long and slender and tapers inferiorly. The upper portion of the ulna is large and presents two beaklike processes and concave depression. The proximal process, called the olecranon process, convaces anteriorly and slightly inferior and forms the proximal portion of the trochlear notch. A depression called the radial notch is located on the lateral radial notch and is located on the lateral aspect of the coronoid process.

   The distal end of the ulna includes a rounded process on its lateral side called the head and a narrower conic projection on the posteromedial side called the ulnar styloid process. An articular disk separates the head of the ulna from the wrist joint.

Radius Anatomy

   The proximal end of the radius is small and presents a flat disklike head above a constricted are called the neck. Just inferior to the neck on the medial side of the body of the radius is a roughened process called the radial tuberosity. The distal end of the radius is broad and flattened and has a conic projection on its lateral surface called the radial styloid process.

Forearm Radiographic Positioning

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