Lateral Projection Trauma – Humerus

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cross Table - Midhumerus and Distal Humerus

For proximal humerus projection, please see on transthoracic lateral projection or Scapular Y.

Film Size: 30 X 35 cm lengthwise or 11 X 14 inches or can be use a 24 x 30 cm or 10 x 12 inches IR. Non-grid film use.
SID: 40 – 44 inches or 102-113 cm
Collimation: Collimate on four sides, include the distal and midhumerus, elbow joint and proximal forearm.

Patient Position Trauma Lateral Humerus:

  • Gently lift the arm or the patient and place a support block under her arm, rotate slowly the hand into a lateral position is possible for a true lateral elbow projection.
  • Place IR vertically between arm and thorax with top of Image receptor at axilla and place shield between Image receptor and patient.
Cross-table Lateral Humerus

Central Ray: Central ray is horizontal and perpendicular to IR, and centered to distal 1/3 of humerus.

Evaluation Criteria: Please refer to Rotational Lateral Humerus.

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