Surgical C-Arm X-ray Procedure

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cholangiogram - PA Abdomen Positioning and Central Ray

c-arm x-ray cholangiogram
C-arm being positioned for PA
hip or abdomen.

  • PA projection – patient is supine use of image intensifier on top, and the xray tube below.
  • Keep intensifier as close to patient as possible to reduce scatter radiation.
  • Provide lead aprons or portable shields for all personnel in room.
  • Maintain sterile field.
  • Auto or manual exposure control
  • Use Foot pedal to allow hands free operation by physician of fluoro image as displayed on monitor

C-Arm Lateral Hip

c-arm x-ray
C-arm for lateral hip.
  • A Superoinferior projection is obtained.
  • Horizontal Central ray, xray tube is position superior, intensifier is inferior
  • Ensure maintain the sterile field
  • Provide lead aprons or shields to all personnel
  • Background exposure field greatest at tube side, operator should stand back away from tube region

Note: Recommended setup is a reversal of this as an inferosuperior because of increased radiation at tube end.

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