The Lightest X-ray Portable Machine

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The digital and lightest portable x-ray machine is developed by Toshiba. It only weight 25 lbs and has a size of 13 inches in length, 9.5 width and 8inches in height. It has also digital display soft to touch and can able to store technique factors settings. It is highly efficient portable designed especially for the venetinary practitioner. It features 40-120kV and can be incremented by 1kV and with ripple-free HFG systems, technician can shoot up to 120 kV, 40mA with full logic control operation. It also provides high resolution imaging at lower dosages.

The Orange Portable X-ray Unit has Automatic line current plus Line Voltage compensation, No underexposure x-rays. 12040HF = 120kV / 40mA, Highest Power output of portable x-ray units. This machine is equipped with calibrated collimator cassette size indicators with dual laser pointer, so meaning technician no need to use light field for correct cassette to x-ray field size and proper distance indication. Bubble tilt angle indicator is also installed on both size of unit, Sky line views are a snap to all x-ray techicians and ensuring for their correct agulation. It is also use for digital radiography applications. The face panel is reversible providing use on our verso view table. Veterinarian x-ray tech examine small animal is much easier with the correct vertical representation with the reversible display and reversible operator face panel and its accessory are vertically integrated.

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