Radiographic Terminology and Common Pathology

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Radiographic Terminology

It is a system of corresponding words which conveys the function and behavior of the particular organs, parts and pathology studied. It is also use to quickly understand the function and pathology by means of combined terms. Radiology terminology is divided into three parts; the prefix, root, and suffix. Prefix is always located at the beginning of the term, which PRE means before. Root is the primary word and the suffix is locates at the end that changes the meaning of the word.

Billary Systems Combining Forms

  • Chole -  Relationship with bile
  • Cysto -  Bag or Sac
  • Choledocho - Common bile duct
  • Cholangio  - Bile ducts
  • Cholecyst  - Gallbladder

Common Pathology on Upper Limb and Radiographic Findings

Bone Cyst – Fluid filled cyst with a wall of fibrous tissue
Bursitis – Inflamation of the bursa
Dislocation – Displacement of a bone from the joint space
Fracture – Disorder in the continuity of bone (broken bones)
Gout – A type of arthritis which is hereditarily taken, where uric acid is high and deposited in joints.
Joint Effusion – Accumulation of fluid in the joint associated with an underlying condition
Metastases – Spread of a cancer cells or lesion from body part / organ to another.
Osteoarthritis or Degerative Joint Disease – Form of arthritis marked by progressive cartilage deterioration in synovial joints and vertebrae.
Osteomyelitis – a bone inflammation caused by pyogenic infection.
Rheumatoid Arthriris – A chronic, systemic, and inflammatory collagen disease.
Tumor – New tissue growth where cell proliferation is uncontrolled.

Types of Tumor:

Chondrosarcoma – Malignant tumor arising from cartilage tissue
Enchondroma – Benign tumor of bone arising in medullary tissue
Ewing’s Sarcoma – Malignant tumor of bone arising in medullary tissue
Osteosarcoma – Malignant, and it is a primary tumor of bone with bone or cartilage formation.

Types of Fracture in hands:

Bennett’s – A fracture which is situated in first metacarpal
Boxer’s – A fracture which is situated in the 5th metacarpal
Colle’s – A bone fracture which is in distal and ulnar styloid with posterior displacement
Smith’s – A bone fracture of the distal radius and ulnar styloid with anterior displacement.
Torus or Buckle – Periosteum is bulge with impacted fracture

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