Radiologic Technologist in Operating Room

Saturday, February 21, 2015

xray operating room
Radiologic Technician

What to do?


A Radiologic technologist who has not had a wide patient care education must use extreme caution to avoid contaminating sterile objects in the operating room. Radiographer must complete hand wash and wear scrub suits, a scrub cap, and a mask and ought inspection in the actual situation in the operating room before talking in the x-ray equipment. By taking this precaution, the technologist can guarantee that enough space is accessible to do the work without the danger of contamination. If necessary, the radiographer must ask the circulating nurse to transfer any sterile items in the room. Since of the risk of contamination of the sterile area, sterile supplies, and persons scrubbed for the procedure, the radiographer (tech) should not ever approach the operational side of the medical table unless directed to do so.

Cleaning The X-ray Equipments


After inspection the room arrangement, the radiologic technologist would carefully wipe the x-ray machine with a moist but not soaked cloth before taking it into the operating room. The radiologic technician transfers the mobile x-ray machine, or C-arm unit, to the allowed side of medical operating table. (it is the side of the surgeon, scrub nurse and sterile layout.) The x-ray machine should be manipulated into a universal position that will make the final changes easy when the surgeon is ready to go on with the examination.

Cassette or Image Receptor:


The image receptor is placed in a sterile cover depending on the type of examination to perform. The surgeon or one of the assistant grips the sterile case open while the radiologic technologist gently drops the image receptor into it although being cautious not to touch the sterile case. The radiographer may be at that time to give directions for positioning and securing the cassette for the exposure.

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