Certified X-ray Tech and Radiologist

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

X-ray Tech and Radiologic Technogist Overview:

Radiology Technicians
X-ray Tech is responsible for performing a examination in radiology departments in accordance to the standard protocol of department when patient conditions allows for producing a readable radiograph. X ray technicians also know as xray technologist, radiologic technologist or radiographer. The responsility necessary for the tech to know is that normal anatomy and normal anatomy variations is essential knowledge so that patient can be accurately position, and radiographic characteristics of various number of common abnormalities, although is not responsible for reading radiograph, explaining the cause, diagnosis and treatment of disease, but technicians professional responsibility is to produce an image that makes the abnormality evident on radiograph. The technician also take the medical history of patient, explains what to expect and answers the patient's questions when radiographic imaging is needed to patients.

Difference between Associate X-ray tech and BS Radilogic Technogist:
Xray tech can only be work with convetional X-ray machine and Fluoroscopy only while bachelors degree on radiologic technology can work with a variety of imaging systems including:
  • Conventional X-ray Machines
  • Ct scan machines
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machines
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Digital Mammography Machines

What are Radiologist?

The radiologist is a physician who is board certified to read, or interpret x-ray examinations. As the demand for the radiologist time increases, the available time is lessen to devote to the technnical aspects of radiology. This situation make the radiologist more dependent on the radiologic technician or x-ray tech to perform the technical aspects of patient care.

Radiology Trainings for Clinical Specialties Summary

Medical School - 4 years
Radiology Residency - 4 years (1 year clinical)

Nuclear Medicine - 4 years
Radiation Therapy (Oncology) - 4 years

After Residency:
Subspecialty Fellowship  - 1 year 
Research - 1 year

Radiologist in CT Scan or CAT scan:

The radiologist in ctscan are the one who is supervising and interpreting all radiological exams and analyses images and giving an official result to your doctor or physician who refered you for the exam and discuss the what may be the result readed by the radiologist.

Sometimes follow-up examination are needed, and your physician will explain to you the exact reason why another examination are required. In some cases a follow up exam is done because of suspicious or unclear and questionable findings that needs a clarification with addition view or other special procedure imaging technique. These may be necessary so that any change in a known abnormality can be monitored over time. Follow up examination are sometimes the way to see is your treatment given to you by your doctor is working or if the abnormality stabilize overtme.

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