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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is bronchitis?

bronchitis picturesBronchitis can be acute or chronic, its a swelling or inflamed cause by infections of air passage in the lungs called the bronchial tube. As it swells it narrows the passage of air and results in difficulty or shortness in breathing termed dyspnea. Acute bronchitis means is a short time latent symptoms existed. Chronic means it is existed over a long period of time that last at about 3 months of cough with mucus. One main causes is smoking.
Diagnosis of bronchitis can be detected in common chest x ray as requested by your doctor.

Symptoms of Bronchitis

See a doctor for proper medications. Practically in most cases it can be treated at home efficiently.
Symptoms may be possibly become evident on acute bronchitis with the following:
  • Cough - the primary symptoms dry cough at first and after few days pass it may become productive cough (bringing up mucus).
  • Fever - with a temperature of 101 °F or 38.3 °C higher body temperature may show signs of pnuemonia.
  • Blood spoted on mucus
  • Dyspnea - difficult or shortness of breathing
  • Chest pain

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