Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pathology Demonstrated:

  • Pathology involves the lung fields, trachea, and mediastinal structures, including the size and contours of the heart and great vessels.

Technical Factors:

  • IR size - 35 x 43 cm ( 14 x 17 inches), lengthwise
  • Moving or stationary grid
  • 110 - 125 kV range


  • Secure lead shield around waist to shield gonads.

Patient Position:

  • Patient erect, rotated 45degrees with right posterior shoulder against IR for RPO and 45degrees with left posterior shoulder against IR for LPO
  • Arm closest to IR raised resting on head; other arm placed on hip with palm out
  • Patient looking straight ahead

Patient Position: (Recumbent)

  • If patient cannot stand or sit, take posterior obliques on table.
  • Place support under patient's head and under elevated hip and shoulder.

Part Position:

  • Top of IR about 1inch (2cm) above vertebral prominens or  about 5 inches(12 cm) above level of jugular notch (2 inches or 5cm above shoulder)
  • Thorax centered to CR and to IR

Central Ray:

  • CR perpendicular, to the level of T7
  • SID of 72 inches (180)


  • Collimate to area of lungs.


  • Exposure made after second full inspiration.


  • Posterior obliques provide best visualization of the side closest to the IR.
  • Posterior positions show the same anatomy as the opposite anterior oblique positions. Thus the LPO position corresponds to the RPO to the LPO.

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